About Us

Barron’s Off Road Towing is a family business. Our owner, Alex Barron, learned how to run a business and treat customers correctly from his father, Tommy Barron. You might have heard of him; he owns Register’s Auto Glass. After learning so much from his father, Alex decided he was ready to start his own business in 2014.

If you’ve ever needed a tow truck, you understand how much better you feel when that driver arrives, especially if he or she has a friendly, smiling face. At Barron’s Off Road Towing, we strive to provide that experience every day. Trust our tow truck drivers to be personable and friendly, giving you service with a smile. Of course, it goes without saying that we’ll also take great care of your vehicle.

Whether it’s your daily commute, errand-running, or your vacation that has gone wrong, at Barron’s Off Road Towing, we’re here to help. The next time you need a tow, give us a call at 910-409-1645. We look forward to being of help to you! 

Give us a call at 910-409-1645. We’ll be by your side in a flash to help out!

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